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What is a way that you can get salon- done acrylic nails off w/o ruining you nails or going back to the salon?

I've already gotten two off by soaking them in hot water and peeling them off. But it like, ruined my real nail. I have no time to go to the salon and get them off because I have a tournament in a few hours. I really need them off! 10 pts. for something that works %26amp; fast! ThanksWhat is a way that you can get salon- done acrylic nails off w/o ruining you nails or going back to the salon?
Soaking them in pure acetone is the only way to safely remove acrylic nails.

Do not rip them off, pull them off, pry them off, or tear them off in any way. In short, do NOT force them off. This WILL damage your natural nails.

Soak in pure acetone for 20-30 minutes, and GENTLY scrape the softened acrylic off with either an orange stick, or a metal cuticle pusher. If some of the acrylic doesn't come off, then just re-soak them for another 5 minutes or so, and try again. Only remove one finger at a time from the acetone, and remove the acrylic from it. If you take all your fingers out of the acetone, it will harden back up quite quickly, and you will have to start all over.What is a way that you can get salon- done acrylic nails off w/o ruining you nails or going back to the salon?
They sell acrylic nail remover at most grocery stores now. Wal-Mart and Target both carry it. It's in the aisle usually next to or near the nail polish remover. Just get a bottle, and use a bowl that you don't plan on eating out of ever again and follow the directions on the back of the bottle.
There's really no way to get them off without damaging your nails or your skin. Even if you wait and let them fall off, your nails underneath will be damaged simply from them being there.

As the previous poster has stated, if you want to soak them off, use acetone. It will (eventually) liquefy the acrylic, but it takes a long time. I have sat at the salon with my fingertips in acetone for an hour, and still had to force them off.

The only other way to get them off is to pick them off. Use a nail clipper to try to get under the acrylic, and you can chip away at them a little at a time.

If you're in a rush, your best bet might be to leave the acrylic in place, but cut down your nails to a more usable length. Just use a good nail clipper to trim them down and file the ends so that they're smooth.
Soak your finger nails in acetone. You can get it by the nail polish remover, at the grocery store. Or you can just soak your nails in nail polish remover, but it takes a few minutes longer to dissolve
soak nails in acetone nail polish remover this will help some but still may cause some damage during removal. or you could go to a dept store and buy acrylic nail removal you soak your nails in it also and it will help.
I heard soaking the nails in acetone for 10 min works. And then gently pulling them off.

Emphesis on the gently.
go to cvs they have a special nail remover. it's with the nail polish remover

How to take of acrylic nails?

i got my acrylic nails filled 2 weeks ago,

i want then off now,

how should i do it?How to take of acrylic nails?
you can pop them off yourself but thats supposedly unhealthy(its what i do) you can also soak them in acetone.How to take of acrylic nails?
go to a nail salon and get them off

or they have this nail polish remover but removes acrylic nails too.

Answer mine???鈥?/a>
soak them in warm water for about 2 hours and they should pick off easily. =D
Go to the place and get them removed.

I bit mine off.. Not smart.. it hurts...

Can you take off Acrylic nails at home?

Do you have to take off the Acrylic tips at the salon or can you do it at home with nail polish remover? I was told you can soak the nails for awhile in nail polish remover.Can you take off Acrylic nails at home?
I had a roommate who did that, and an aunt. They both regretted it. My roommate got an infection in her nail bed, and it was very painful for both. (My aunt was smart enough to stop and go to a salon. They know how to take them off with the least damage.)Can you take off Acrylic nails at home?
You're welcome. I hope everything went well!

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You can get pure acetone from the beauty supply store. You have to soak for a few minutes then wipe them off with a paper towel then continue the process till they are gone. It takes long time but it is actually better for your nails then getting them taken off at ';mall'; nail places or places like that where they soak then cut or pull them off which pulls off layers of your nails with it.
You can, but I highly don't recommend it. They can be painful and ripping them off or soaking them in nail polish remover will ruin the real nail. They will become fragile and torn.
yes you can remove them at home you want to lett them soak in a bowl bath of acetone nailpolish than will eat away the glue and they will fall off but it takes time and can be slitly painfull.
I suggest getting them taken off at the salon. It does less damage to your nail bed.
take em off at thaa salon its less painful and less messy :]
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  • How do I get Acrylic Nails off?

    It wasn't my idea to get them in the first place but a friend paid for it so I got it done. I have a baby and Ive scratched him one too many times. (By Accident of Course!) Please tell me there is a quick pain free to get these things off ASAP!How do I get Acrylic Nails off?
    You can soak them in acetone for a long time, maybe 20-30 minutes or so and then just try and rub off the acrylic. You can also put acetone on cotton pads and put one on each nail and then wrap each nail in plastic wrap or foil and leave it on for about 20 minutes. That can be a quicker process since the acetone is more concentrated on each nail. Just be patient, it will come off eventually.

    And make sure to put plenty of lotion on your fingers afterwards because your fingertips will be extremely dry from the acetone.

    If they are relatively new, then ripping them off or chewing them off will rip apart your natural nail and be painful. After soaking in acetone you can use a fake nail to lift up the acrylic and nail part off of your natural nail but you still don't want to just rip because you will be destroying your natural nails.How do I get Acrylic Nails off?
    well coming from nail tech im very happy to hear that you want to get that acrylic off of your nails!!!they're sooo bad for you!!

    1)get acetone at any beauty supply store make sure it says nail polish remover with acetone!!

    2)put the acetone in a small bowl

    3)put HOT water in a bigger bowl make sure the smaller bowl will fit in the bigger bowl!!

    4)put the smaller bowl in the bigger so that the acetone will stay warm let them soke for a bit then the acrylic will start to dissolve and then you can just take off the residue!!keep repeating(soke and take off acrylic)until it is completely off!!

    good luck !!!=]
    fill up a bowl or some sort of container with nail polish remover any kind i suggest non acetone since you have a baby and the smell might not be good for him/her but if your nails are put on with acrylic powder or stuff like that youll need acetone rmover just open up a few windows it should be ok but definitly dont do it near your baby soak your nails in that for a little bit im not sure how long but while your nails are in every once in a while wiggle the nails front to back (while in the remover so it can get under the nails and dissolve the glue) it might hurt to move them a bit because the glue is tough but your a mom im sure youve been though much worse:) lol unless you adopted or something also if they used acrylic paste make sure you have a towel,rag or something to wipe away the acrylic goo/paste well anyways if that doesnt work go to the place were you had them done and they will remove them for you most likley free of charge

    p.s. make sure you wash and put lotion on your hands when your done and i very highly suggest you coat your finger tips not the nail with potrolium jelly/vasoline to protect your hands from the acetone its harsh stuff:) i hope evrything works out and you get those nails off fast:) good luck:) be careful
    I ripped mine off with my teeth and it only took about ten minutes, but it wasn;t completely pain free. You've had a kid so you should be able to handle the pain. Just grab one edge with you teeth and pull until you feel it coming off and then don't stop pulling because shortly after that the acrylic nail will just come off. You should wait atleast 3-4 weeks before getting them off because the longer you wait the less pain.
    You can go to a salon and get them removed with a solution - but the cheapest way is to bite them off... don't chew on them; just gently try and lift the edges up with your teeth or a credit card. Using a credit card or driver's license is probably less painful if you try sliding it under the edges until it pops off. It will seem somewhat painful at first, but after you do it, it's a relief.
    wait for them to start lifting on the sides, then get a fork, or something that you can fit underneath and pop them off. that's the quickest way i've found.


    you can soak them in nailpolish remover, but make sure it has acetone in it!!!!
    Depnding on how much of the overlay powder you have on, you can soak them off with pure acetone.
    Soak them in Pure Acetone for 10-15 minutes, Then take a Orange wood stick, and push the softened nail off.
    Soak your fingernail in pure acetone you can get it at Wal*marts about $1.97
    There are kits you can buy at Target that you soak your hands in and they will peel off ( with a little pull from you) Or you can just pull them really doesn't hurt!! I've done it
    you have to buy acitone and soak your fingers for about a half hour or 45 minutes this is the only way to not cause any damge to your nails and with no pain
    soak your nails in acetone nail polish remover. they should dissolve.. if not go back and have them taken off. should be about 5 $
    well u need acrylic remover
    soak in nail polish remover
    soak your nails in a bowl of nail polish remover for 15-20 min
    Join a volleyball or softball team...that did it for me


    Where Can I Buy The Tools For Acrylic Nails?

    Does anyone know if there you can buy a little set like in a drug store? I haven't gone to check but does anyone know of any other place?Where Can I Buy The Tools For Acrylic Nails?
    You can go to Sally's Beauty Supply. They sell to professionals and is open to the public.Where Can I Buy The Tools For Acrylic Nails?
    Sally's Beauty Supply
    Here it is鈥?/a>

    Good Luck!
    beauty supply store, target, wal-mart
    Boots (in england) xx

    I like to wear acrylic nails but i recently had a guy tell me i was fake beauty because i wear them.What is a?

    good defensive response to a statement like this?I like to wear acrylic nails but i recently had a guy tell me i was fake beauty because i wear them.What is a?
    I would say, '; I'm not a fake anything,but you are quite rude to judge me on something so trivial. It says a lot about you.';I like to wear acrylic nails but i recently had a guy tell me i was fake beauty because i wear them.What is a?

    If, for some reason, it makes you feel better about yourself, then wear them.

    I've told this to my girlfriend. Most guys don't like fake things on a girl, especially a bunch of make up that is like a whole mask.

    Natural is better. Don't listen to commercials and ads. They'll make you think you're ugly, when in fact, you're not.
    YOU are not what is fake, what's fake is the NAILS - nothing more.

    If someone wears glasses, and looks better with them on, does that make them fake beauty? No.
    If this makes me fake, then pretty much all girls are fake.

    We do this to feel good about ourselves, and for guys who only care about girls who pretty themselves up!
    ';**** off douchebag.';
    o well thats too damm bad if you like em then **** it i l0ve fake nails %26amp;%26amp; ain't nobody bouta tell me otherwise
    ';Dont Hate!';
    just be like ';what the *****? was that necassary';

    Is there a safe way to take acrylic nails off?

    I have heard the stories of my friends just eventually ripping theirs off and that it hurts really bad, one even said the salon did that. Shouldn't a salon have some sort of dissolving solution or am I just going to have to deal with the pain when the day comes I don't want them anymore??? ThanksIs there a safe way to take acrylic nails off?
    They have a solution for it, but it doesn't do much. After you soak your nails in it, they still clip them and pry them off. It'd be the same way if you did it yourself. You can even buy the ';solution'; at Sally's or other drug stores.

    There's really no way around it. That's why acrylics are so addictive, you get another full set to cover your crap nails. They look so good though, so whatever, why not right?

    Good luck!Is there a safe way to take acrylic nails off?
    I stopped getting them to much maintenance

    I just grew them out and keep clipping them as they grew.
    put your finger tips in nail polish remover for about 5-10 minutes. There should be a difference when taking them off then. That is what my nail place does.
    soak them in nail polish remover. Make sure it is acitone. If you want to rip them off start in the middle. so they crack down the center, that way you can take them off in 2 complete sections. It isn't fun, but...yeah, it works.
    soak your fingers in warm water for about 15 minutes and they should come right off.
    soak in acetone(nail polish remover) rub and soak..soak and rub..then buff off rest
    Soak them in nail polish remover for about 5 or 10 minutes, (make sure it has isotol in it), and they will slide right off. GUARANTEED SATISFACTION !!!!!!!
    i soaked them in acetone and used naile clippers to take them off, it hurts a lil sometimes, but thats the best way i know of
    A salon can do it with a dissolving solution, and it doesn't hurt at all. The nail just sort of disappears by itself. It usually doesn't cost that much to do, depending on the place. Otherwise I soak my nails in either acetone or hot water and baby oil. You're hands will feel funny afterwards, but it's better than ripping them off.
    OK, here's what I have to do when it's time for mine to come off. Fill a small glass bowl with acetone nail polish remover.The bowl should be big enough for all ten fingers to go in, but not too big. Next go outside and get a handful of small rocks. Next rinse off the rocks with warm water, then place them in the bottom of the bowl in the acetone. Place your fingers in the acetone. Give them a few minutes to start dissolving. Next, start rubbing your acrylic nails against the rocks at the bottom of the bowl. This will take the nails off in roughly 30 minutes. Then you can file what's left, which shouldn't be much. No ripping or prying of the nails. The rocks do all the work. Ih ave to do this when it's time for a new set. Works every time, and it's painless, and won't damage the natural nail.